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Find Your MINI Match

May 31, 2022 | Experiential Marketing

Everyone has a special look, and it deserves a special edition!

To celebrate the launch of the 2022 MINI Special Editions, we created an experience that would match passersby with their MINI match. 

With a large display of changing colors, we created a dynamic experience to showcase the new MINI Special Editions. To drive interaction, we used a designated floor graphic and added dynamic engine revving sounds that accompanied the cars as they appeared on screen.

Utilizing proprietary color detection technology, the storefront had a truly personalized experience with custom messages displayed on the screen. “Hey you in the red shirt! You’re really pulling off a bold style. Check out this new Mini Special Edition that matches your energy”.

Consumers had the option to confirm their match and then snap a selfie that they could then easily share on the social media network of their choice. This campaign really was a match for MINI!

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