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RFID Lift & Learn Experiences

Feb 16, 2022 | Retail Environments

Activation Retail Spaces and Pop-ups with RFID Lift & Learn Experiences.

Encourage customer exploration of your products and create a more experiential environment by using RFID technology to create Lift & Learn activations. Lift & Learn activations are a specially designed application that responds when customers pick up a product that includes an RFID tag. This can trigger any number of potential interactions, but the most common within a Lift & Learn activation is for content to automatically begin playing on nearby digital screens. These digital scenes can be any size – from small-format tablets to oversized LED walls. Leveraging RFID technology is this way is a great educational tool that retail spaces can use to promote their products to customers.

Monster XP has launched two recent Lift & Learn campaigns in very different types of environments.  In Fall 2021, we utilized RFID Lift & Learn in a traveling pop-up experience to promote the newly launched haricare line by Jonathan Van Ness, the beloved grooming expert from the Netflix series Queer Eye.

Our second activation is part of an experimental retail experience from vVardis which transports consumers visiting the East Hamptons to the mountains of Switzerland.  RFID Lift & Learn was used to encourage customers to explore the entire vVardis line of products.

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