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As the retail industry begins to show some life, communicating with customers has never been more important.  During the COVID-19 pandemic and the gradual reopening phase, indoor and outdoor digital signage has proved to be very effective and convenient in informing, educating and helping the consumers. Moving forward, every major retailer and venue will need a digital signage strategy that pairs impactful and timely content with the right equipment for each location.  A recent study estimates the global digital signage industry will grow more than 6.5% per year for the next 5 years and is expected to exceed $32 billion by 2025. The major driving factors for this growth include: 

  • Improvement of commercial displays and the reduction of costs. 
  • Increasing need to reduce paper waste and being more environmentally friendly.
  • The cost effectiveness and measurable ROI.
  • Improvements in technology options and the need for infrastructure expansions.

While this technology has been around for years and used to deliver basic information, the most effective marketers will use digital solutions to help guide customers through their retail environment and deliver an engaging experience without the need or direct interaction with an expensive staff. Monster XP is an industry leader with over 18 years of experience creating and managing immersive digital solutions for many of the top brands in America, including many in the retail category. We specialize in producing experiential activations that drive results.

Here are a few recent examples of how we’re helping retailers create and deliver effect content: 

  • Irvine Spectrum Center We transitioned all content to be touch-free with SMS-based activations; added seasonal focused countdown content; and created new motion-based content and digital art. We have also added social distancing and face covering messaging throughout the digital loop.
  • Brooks Brothers Factory Stores: Although many of their stores continue to be closed, we’re using digital signage in their storefront windows to advise their consumers on the latest details of their store’s operating status. Their messaging also features a QR code to drive consumers to their online store and to a store locator to redirect them to the nearest open store. 
  • Vineyard VinesWe’re proud to be the content stewards and scheduling team for Vineyard Vines. Based on seasonality and the changing retail environment, we’re keeping the messaging on the video walls and digital installations at all their retail stores up-to-date by highlighting their latest promotions, sharing their new Fall looks and featuring their sponsorship of the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL).

  • The Vitamin Shoppe – We’ve helped to activate another Vitamin Shoppe location using their new next generation template in South Plainfield, NJ. This elevated aesthetic of a modern apothecary includes a new 2×2 LCD wall behind the cash wrap that they’re using to message details on the availability of healthy essentials and their options for contact-free curbside pickup.

  • Canada Goose – The third Canada Goose store in Toronto opened in August – it’s their first downtown location in the iconic CF Toronto Eaton Centre. This new store features a large LED screen installed by Monster XP. Canada Goose uses this LED screen to share long form lifestyle videos the helps to establish the environment. 

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Let’s discuss your digital content and signage strategy.  Email us at and we’ll set up a Zoom meeting.   Monster XP is a Retail and Experiential Marketing Agency that engages consumers by allowing them to directly participate and interact with a business or brand. We plan and execute the use of digital solutions through immersive content and activities, such as competitions or interactive displays, that encourage consumers to actively participate.

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