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Reach Your Audience with Digital Trucks

Mar 31, 2021 | News

Embrace flexibility by using digital trucks that can easily be repositioned within your brand’s target market to help them reach their audience. 

Monster XP can create an interactive program for any environment. 

With a constantly changing landscape and evolving consumer behavior, it can certainly help to be flexible. Unlike traditional out of home media placements that are reliant on pedestrian and vehicular traffic in close proximity to the selected location, leveraging digital trucks give you unmatched flexibility as they can literally get up and move to reach your brand’s targeted audience.

Digital trucks are equipped with LED signage on three sides of the vehicle to garner attention from the crowd. Trucks can display a rotation of static images, looping digital video. live streams, real-time social media visualizations and even enable interactive campaigns. Monster XP can assist with setting up these programs for you – we can tap into our nationwide fleet of trucks to create a simultaneous multi-market campaign or pinpoint a single location by activating a single truck to amplify a new store opening.

Monster XP’s Digital Truck Services 

  • Leasing the LED trucks for your campaign 
  • Providing qualified drivers and brand ambassadors 
  • Identifying driving routes, activation locations and general strategy with the truck for your campaign 
  • Handling all insurance, DOT regulations, permitting, etc
  • Delivering turnkey truck operations – fuel, maintenance, tolls, washes, etc 
  • Activating any interactive or experiential campaign elements in collaboration with the digital truck


Digital truck campaigns have been highly successful at delivering on a broad range of goals for brands, including: 

  • Creating buzz for a new product launch
  • Promoting live events 
  • Activating mobile interactive campaigns as part of touring programs  
  • Raising awareness for a service or brand 
  • Driving traffic to new or underutilized store locations 
  • Reaching traditionally hard-to-reach audiences

Check out a few additional sample digital truck campaigns below: 

One of our favorite truck-based campaigns was in partnership with 360i to bring a unique experience Photo Coach experience to life for Canon. Every day NYC’s photogenic landmarks are shot and shared, but many of the photos aren’t as spectacular as the sites themselves. Canon took over popular NYC destinations with Monster XP interactive trucks to provide in-the-moment photo tips and help more people capture beautiful photos that take their shots – and newsfeeds – from ‘meh’ to marvelous.

Using social listening, Canon identified New York’s most photographed destinations to serve as the locations for pop-up activations with digital trucks: The Flatiron Building, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge. The digital trucks displays were updated by real-time API data – including weather conditions, traffic, location, event schedules and time of day. The program automatically update to show more than 200 custom tips based on different real-time conditions and data combinations.

Citrix was looking to reach key B2B decision makers with a targeted digital campaign. Monster XP was there to help by activating 8 LED trucks across Midtown Manhattan. Through routing and truck distribution, we were able to help ensure all key accounts had visibility of their campaign throughout the campaign. They then augmented impressions with additional media in office building and strategic locations on the transit path.

We’d love to help out on your next truck-based program. Email us at with your target markets and audience and we can outline a program for you. 


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