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History Comes to Life through Age of Empires

Nov 22, 2021 | Experiential Marketing, Interactive Display Games, News

To celebrate the launch of Age of Empires IV, Monster XP hosted a one-day takeover of Times Square in NYC for Microsoft.

In conjunction with Posterscope, Carat and gnet, the activation came to life throughout all of Times Square, centered around the 45-46th pedestrian plaza, and included a Smashed Car Prop, Living Diorama, and an Augmented Reality Historical Portal Experience, taking audiences on a journey through history. 

In strategically timed sequences, the Living Diorama treated audiences to watching living statues representing the different empires from the game engage in  battle. The gold “statues” came to life telling a story of warring civilizations at the peak of their power. To learn more about these civilizations, visitors could scan QR codes around the stage.

In an epic takeover, Synced screens around the Square showcased trebuchets launching projectiles. One boulder appears to have broken through the screen landing on a nearby car, crushing the windshield. The oversized fabricated boulder included the IV logo engraved into it, creating a photo moment. Observant visitors also noticed the caution tape surrounding the smashed car also featured an exclusive QR code to allow consumers to be among the first to experience the game. 

Visitors could even become a part of the experience by interacting with the Augmented Reality Historical Portal. When you looked through the portal you could see armies taking their place and trebuchets beginning the battle before warring empires engaged in hand to hand combat. Brand ambassadors helped create memorable photo experience for consumers with the scene. 

Check out the full activation in the video below:

Times Square receives an estimated 330,000 visitors daily; all visiting during the Age of Empires takeover were sure to see how history can come to life in unexpected ways. Thanks to our activation partners on this project including City Eventions, Look Mister, The Factory and The Specialists.

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