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JEFRË Captivates Audiences With Innovative, Interactive Installations

May 5, 2021 | News

JEFRË partnered with Monster XP to use technology in an interesting way that connected with audiences in Orlando and had a global reach through social media and the press. 

Nearly eight months after its initial public opening in October 2020, JEFRË’s Points of Connection exhibition is coming to its end at the Orlando Museum of Art as his last installed piece, One Peace, One Love, is closing this week.

Points of Connection is JEFRË’s first solo museum exhibition and Monster XP was proud to partner with JEFRË to bring his vision to life through a number of technology and audiovisual components that complimented his physical installations. His exhibit featured several touchless interactive elements including:

  • Kneel (Baks Series) – A stainless steel sculpture of a kneeling figure with a QR code-activated audience response engagement that populates a live projected feed onto the wall behind the sculpture
  • Talking Heads (Collective Conscious Series)An array of suspended acrylic vacuum-formed heads with LED neon phrases contained within each head and a QR code-initiated audio response element that triggered corresponding multilingual audio messages
  • One Peace, One Love (Baks Series) – The signature installation for his exhibit was comprised of a touch-free facial scanning kiosk and synchronized projection mapping on a larger-than-life sculpture

To virtually explore some of these experiences, we invite you to explore the original blog post with videos walking through the exhibit that can be found here

As this exhibit comes to an end in Orlando, we wanted to look back at its incredible popularity and success. Focusing on the interactive experiences, we recorded the following metrics over the course of the installation:  

  • 1,389 responses were submitted to the prompt, “What Does It Mean to Take a Knee?” associated with Kneel
  • 24,033 total activations of the audio messages as part of the Talking Heads installation; the most popular attribute was “LOVE
  • 18,158 Sets of Eyes were captured by the facial scanning kiosk and then projection mapped onto the One Peace, One Love Sculpture
  • Instagram reach exceeding 5,000,000 people based on social amplification and sharing of the exhibit on social media

Keep an eye out for where this exhibit may travel next – we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Let Monster XP start planning your next interactive program.  Email us at to set up a complimentary consultation!

JEFRE - Talking Heads Installation
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