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National LOFTimist Day 2020

Feb 20, 2020 | News


LOFTimist (noun): A Person Who Can Find the Sunny Side of the Street Even in a Rainstorm…

Whose glass is always half full and who’s quick to make a toast. Who stops to smell the roses—and encourages others to do the same. A person who’s perfectly imperfect, who loves to spread the love and who knows there’s no one way to dress, no one way to look, no one way to love LOFT.

Monster XP partnered with LOFT to spread optimism to all for National LOFTimist Day! Today marks the peak of their LOFTimist campaign which aims to spread happiness and give recognition to those who use positivity to make a difference in the world. They started the campaign in January and highlighted 20 women with different backgrounds and missions, all with the same spirit of joy and generosity to inspire others. At their flagship Times Square location they are spreading generosity by giving shoppers a total pamper experience: nail bar, makeup studio, and a chance to capture your lofty look using our photo kiosk! Be sure to check is out if you’re in NYC today!

Happy National LOFTimist Day!

Monster XP provided digital signage, interactive photo kiosks, as well as a large 5×5 storefront LCD installation in order to help spread LOFTimism at their flagship Times Square location. At Monster XP we want to learn about your campaign and help you engage an audience! Contact us today to learn how we can amplify your message!

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