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Maximizing Consumer Engagement During the Holidays

Sep 29, 2021 | Retail Environments

Use touchless technology in your stores to create engagement this Holiday season, and drive action.

With the Halloween candy arriving on shelves, we know the start of the Holiday season is upon us. As customers make their way to your stores, there are several unique ways you can engage them and ease the stress of shopping while promoting your best products. The use of touchless technology, ranging from motion activiation to mobile device control, socially driven campaign to RFID, are great ways to engage guests without having to worry about people touching screens and the need to keep you activation clean between guests. 

Check out some of these fun ideas:

Disney Wish Mosaic Wall – ​​Guests going to Disney Springs were invited to Join the Mosaic for Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wish at Marketplace Co-Op. Using QR code technology for a touchless activation, guests could have their photo taken, which was then placed in a mosaic with others who enjoyed the same experience. The trick was for guests to find themselves on the Cruise Line Mosaic Wall when they were done.

JVN Lift and Learn – Utilizing RFID technology, a specially designed application responded when customers picked up a product. The automatic content began playing on nearby tablets, stationed nearby, acting as an education tool and product promotion for a newly launched haircare line by Jonathan Van Ness, the beloved grooming expert from the Netflix series Queer Eye.

eBay Touchless QR Code – Nothing brings more joy than being able to give back, especially at the holidays. Through a mobile interactive storefront campaign eBay gave consumers an opportunity to window shop for a good cause. Shoppers were able to browse popular childrens’ gifts including teddy bears and fairytales, each with a tag representing a specific donation amount. To make a donation, shoppers simply downloaded the eBay mobile app and scanned the corresponding toys QR code using their portable devices. The selected toy was animated with holiday joy each time someone made a donation.

M&M’S BerlinIn creating a lifelike living room, guests lounged on the couch in front of the television with a camera mounted on top to capture the scene. By using their personal device as a remote they selected their favorite M&M’S character and created a unique pose to encapsulate their experience.

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