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Malls: A Destination for Consumers and Brands

Mar 3, 2021 | News

Monster XP is the source for creating custom interactive programs for brands in malls. Mall activations are great to support store openings, product launches, and increase general awareness for brands.

While there is a light at the end of the tunnel, many options to escape the home are currently inaccessible to consumers. Sports and concert venues, indoor parks, many movie theaters and other outlets are closed or have significant capacity limitations. Malls and retail destinations, on the other hand, provide ample space to safely spend a few hours to shop, dine or socialize.

According to recent studies from Nielsen, Intermix, and Lightbox/Epicenter, consumers have pent-up demand and are spending significant time at the mall, over 70 minutes on average. 67% of consumers reported that they took their time to shop or roam the mall and did as much as they could with the time they had. More than half of consumers ended up stopping at stores they had not planned on visiting while over 60% frequented the food court or a restaurant. 30% surveyed also enjoyed other lifestyle destinations such as salons or gyms within the mall.

This makes malls an ideal location for brands. Consumers are spending time at malls, noticing ads while there and then taking action. In-mall advertising is the leading advertising channel for driving traffic to businesses. It ranks higher than TV, radio, online/search and traditional out-of-home. Malls offer a unique benefit to advertisers due to consumers’ proximity to retail locations and the fact that they’re already in a frame of mind to make purchases. Many consumers will also continue to make additional stops – doctor’s offices, home improvement stores, groceries, and more – following their visit to the mall; what they see at the mall will stay with them as they continue their journey.

Monster XP can help you create a mall activation for your brands. We have experience creating custom programs for clients in almost any vertical, including the following:

  • Retail
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumer Products
  • Technology
  • Entertainment/Movies/Streaming
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Food & Beverage

We’d be happy to help plan your next mall activation. We’re starting to target summer and Back to School programs now.  Email us at to set up a call!

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