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Moving Clouds with Touchless Technology

Apr 17, 2020 | News


As brands start to re-engage with consumers in the coming weeks and months, touchless technology will lead the way in creating impactful marketing campaigns. Monster XP is an industry leader in touchless technology; over the past several years, we have designed and executed hundreds of successful contactless engagement programs using technologies that include gesture recognition, motion-activation, presence detection, sonar-based proximity triggers, and mobile integration through NFC, QR codes and shortened URLs.


One high-profile program was for smartwater.  Monster XP partnered with Posterscope to promote smartwater’s “Look Up” campaign.  Along with creative partner, Droga5, Monster XP activated a custom interactive domination in the highly-trafficked Bryant Park transit station. Taking inspiration from smartwater’s vapor-distillation process, we created an innovative multi-faceted program that invited commuters to pause and look to the sky where they could paint and sculpt with the clouds.

“Get your head in the clouds.”

A stunning, moving smartwater sky caught users’ attention as they walked by. Using a completely touchless depth-keying technology, the system identified a user’s body and upon recognition, users were able to use their hand to draw larger than life clouds in the sky!

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