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May 28, 2020 | News

Non-Touch Activations are the New Normal

As we all start to emerge from lockdown orders and look to the future of experiential and retail activations, we at Monster XP believe everybody can agree on a few things: First, using dynamic and interactive content are very effective ways to deliver key brand messages and engage audiences in high traffic locations. Second, the cost of creating and deploying programs with this type of content is the biggest obstacle to wide-spread use of these tools.  Third, there may be some uneasiness from consumers to engage with activations that require lots of touch interactivity. And finally, post-pandemic budgets will be a little tighter as brands adjust to “the new normal economy”. 

Seamless Integration

During this “stay-at-home season”, our team has been focused on finding ways to create cost-effective programs that feature existing and emerging touchless technology.  We’ve identified 100’s of individual interactive modules that don’t have to be built from the ground up, but can be seamlessly integrated and customized for brands and deployed in a variety of environments and locations.  This enables us to quickly and efficiently deliver highly customized programs for your specific needs.

One example highlighting our ability to create non-touch campaigns from existing modules is a program that used a mobile phone to control a larger digital screen and it was used for three different clients in three different locations. Check out the photos above and the video link below to see these campaigns in action.  Each program had its own branding and content adjustments, but by using the same interaction techniques in different ways (a mobile truck, a trade show, and a storefront display), each program had its own unique crowd appeal.

Over the years, we have developed a dynamic interactive platform that allows us to quickly deliver content for both simple and complex programs.

Let’s discuss some cost-effective ways to help drive traffic and deliver sales for your program.  Email us at and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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